Saturday, 2 October 2010

One Week Down, Twenty-Seven to Go!

My first week in La Chatre is done! The time has really flown in; I can't believe it's been a whole week.

I was in Orleans for an assistants' conference yesterday, but it was a bit pointless, not least because we had to sit through half an hour of complicated jargon about visas when it only applied to non -EU students ¬.¬ It was also a bit disheartening to see that all the assistants in Chateauroux are already friends. It wasn't too bad - after all, I'm not here to make friends with other English-speakers - but it was still a little... eh.

I've just been to the market in the main square. It was really good; there were so many interesting wee stalls, with all the special food and delicacies of the region. I also heard some English being spoken (!), and saw lots of lovely dogs, which made me miss our wee pack at home! I got a really nice quilt, which I accidentally ended up haggling for! I asked how much it was, she said 80E, I said, aw, I only have 50E, and she was like, OH! I can give it to you for 60E! I said, no, seriously, I only have a 50E note... And she was like, okay fine, 50E, but DON'T TELL ANYONE. So I was pretty happy about that!

I've been able to Skype with Mum, Dad, the girls, Chris and Ayn and Mark, which has been brilliant. It's made this whole situation a lot easier, and it's been so nice to see their wee faces. I miss them all loads, and I can't wait to see Caroline and Chris when they come over.

I'm starting work officially on Monday, which I'm looking forward to. I'm just observing the teachers for the first week, and then the week after, I'll be taking my own classes - scary! But I am really looking forward to that. It'll be really interesting to teach and learn from the students, and I think it'll make time go faster, too!

I think that's all for now.


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