Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lost in Translation?

So, I've been in France five whole days, and I've only just got the internet! It's so nice to be connected to the world again, even though Facebook is blocked by the school's server :( It's been a journey of ups and downs so far; I've been, confused, overwhelmed, nervous, and, above all, awed by the welcome I've received. Everyone's been so kind and friendly, saying hello in the corridors, asking if I'm warm enough in my flat (!), and Jean-Pierre, the man taking care of me at the minute, has been so nice and helpful. Sophie, another English teacher, has been brilliant as well, and everyone else is just so welcoming.

I'm slowly adapting to the rapidity with which everyone speaks, although comprehension in large groups is still beyond me! I haven't made any big mistakes so far, although Jean-Pierre did laugh when I asked to go to the "magasin d'Orange" - he kept saying, "pas le fruit, les telephones!!!"...

What I've seen of La Chatre is very quaint and pretty - a proper French town! Their two hour lunch breaks (!) and the fact that everywhere's closed on Mondays mean that I've yet to have a proper explore, but today's the day that the most difficult challenge to date must be tackled; opening a bank account! So I'll have a chance to look around once that mission is accomplished.

I've to go to Orleans on Friday for an induction conference. I'm excited to meet other assistants, so we can share war stories about our time here so far. I'm looking forward to seeing more of France, although getting the bus home alone is a daunting prospect, at the very least!! Hopefully I'll transform into an all-knowing francophone in the next two days, and this won't pose a problem... Now there's wishful thinking!

I'm missing everyone a lot. Although now I've got the internet sorted I'll be able to Skype with people. I think seeing their wee faces will make this whole thing much easier.

That's all for now!!


Saturday, 18 September 2010

A New Beginning?

So, it's one week until I leave for seven whole months and go to La Chatre. I figuered I would start a blog to allow everyone a chance to see how I'm getting on, and maybe to vent on/share/make memorable the time I spend in France. At the minute, excited, nervous, apprehensive and very, very small describe how I'm feeling at the thought of going out into the wide world alone, but mostly I'm dying to have a chance at experiencing independence and culture, and the thought of making new friends and seeing how different people live is so exciting! I only hope the actual time lives up to my (slightly vague and perhaps too optimistic) expectations!