Monday, 22 November 2010

Dear Builders

Dear Builders,

I would like to thank you for the very effective wake-up call you provided this morning; it was extremely thoughtful and considerate. However, I am curious as to the reasons behind it. Surely building work at 8.30am is against the builders' code of conduct? Surely ferocious hammering above my head is both fruitless and irritating to all parties? I am curious; just what were you hammering that required such vigour?

In future, please rest assured that I can set my own alarm, and be up and ready for work at an hour of my choosing.

Thank you. >: (

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Becoming Accustomed

Hello all,

So, another week has passed, and I think the fact that I have nothing to report is a good sign. I'm "getting used to" being here, and that I'm happy in my own company is something to be pleased about, particularly given the fact that the only people around my age are my students, thus severely limiting the chance of finding "friends" here! I'm getting on really well with the teachers, I'm pleased to say; Olivier took me to a shooting range on Wednesday. I have to admit, I was apprehensive (to say the least!), but ended up really enjoying it. I think it's much more beneficial to me to be spending time with the teachers, because, after all, they are doing what I want to be doing in a few years time, and I can learn lots from them. Also, they are interesting people, and I can talk to them about stuff I'm interested in too; they want to know about me, and ask questions and show an interest, something I think would be lacking if I were to hang out with different other people. That they are language teachers helps too, because they're willing to help me if I make language mistakes, and they're perfectly happy to speak Franglais if necessary, when I get really stuck!

I'm sure the other language assistants from Queen's are all out at bars having great craic and meeting randomers every other night, but that's not what I do at home, so I'm not planning on doing it here.. I'm pretty much spending my time the way I normally do, only in a different language, and I think that's the best way I can possibly spend my time here. *shrug*

Monday, 8 November 2010

All Better Now.


Well, I promised last time that I'd be happier next time I posted, and I'm glad to say I am! I've had a nice relaxing weekend, watching Cold Feet and Spooks, I have a fridge full of nice food, (nearly) all the dishes are done, and all three classes today went without a hitch. Also, and perhaps most excitingly, the Erasmus grant made an appearence today, which means the family might get a Christmas present: I think we have a success on our hands!

Unfortunately, I have been a hermit these past few days, and have nothing else of interest by way of news. So I will say adieu for now, and post again when I've actually left the house and done something!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Feeling Blue

*sigh* So, Caroline left this morning to go home, and I couldn't help but wish that I was going with her. I had such a nice week with her; it was awesome to just be sisters together, not doing anything, but just being. We haven't spent so much time together in I don't know how long, and I'm really grateful for the past week. But now I'm going to have to get used to being on my own again. At this point, I'm missing everyone lots, and just hope that the next six weeks go as fast as the past five, so that I see my family and friends again really soon.

I'm just feeling a bit sorry for myself, I suppose. I've had two weeks of constant company, and it's really strange to be just me again. I've ordered lots of DVDs off Amazon to console myself, and I've got some new books to read as well. Right now, I'm just concerned about making myself feel better, read and watch things in English, and never mind how my French is coming on... I guess the "Year Abroad Mood Cycle" that Queen's told us about is kicking in - "The normal pattern of the year abroad is that after the initial excitement of being in France, there is a period of adjusting to new surroundings that can lead to a low around the end of October or the beginning of November." I guess I just have to go with the flow, get on with it and look forward to Christmas.

It helps that the English teachers were really nice today; they understand what I'm feeling, especially because they know how close I am to Caroline. Olivier and Sandrine both asked if I was alright, if Caroline got away okay this morning, and gave me a bit of sympathy, and Olivier has invited me out for some target practice next week, which is nice; maybe shooting things will be theraputic!

I'll be more cheerful next time I post; I promise!