Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Top Teaching Moments

1. Student : What's BEYATCH?!
    Me: ...It's beach.
    Other students: Haha, tu veux aller à la sallope!

2. Student: (spelling): g..h...t...
    Other student : T'as acheté quoi?

3. Me: Okay, give me some words associated with Valentine's Day.
    Student : SEX!

4. Student : What's the English for musclé?
    Me : Muscular
    Other student : Yes? Did you call me?

5. Student : My ass!
    Me: I don't like bad words in my class.
    Student : My buttocks?

6. Me: What would you change about the story of 'To Kill a Mockingbird?'
    Student : *hyperventalates*
The following moments took place during a role play between some of my favourite students, three Terminale L boys. They were playing a volunteer, a conscripted soldier, and a peace activist during the Vietnam War.

7. Peace activist : Ahh yeeeesss, I remember it well, I was at Woodstock in '69, during the quagmire of war... yes, I did, I ate a space cake....

8. Volunteer : You're a coward.
    Conscript : Yeah, like your mother.

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